terça-feira, julho 18, 2006

Peace for Israel and all makind

sign for peace

Please, friends from Israel accept our prays. We all deserve only the best, but sometimes its impossible to predict what other men can do for money, religion or anything else.
God bless you all
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  1. Anônimo12:17 PM

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    0853RV4ND0 DU45 CR14NC45 8R1NC4ND0 N4

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    C0N57RU1ND0 UM C4573L0 D3 4R314,
    C0M 70RR35, P4554R3L45 3 P4554G3NS 1N73RN45.

    QU4ND0 3575V4M QU453 4C484ND0,
    V310 UM4 0ND4 3 D357RU1U 7UD0,

    R3DU21ND0 0 C4573L0 4 UM M0N73
    D3 4R314 3 35PUM4. 4CH31 QU3,
    D3P015 D3 74N70 35F0RC0 3 CU1D4D0,
    45 CR14NC45 C41R14M N0 CH0R0,

    C0RR3R4M P3L4 PR414, FUG1ND0 D4 4GU4,
    R1ND0 D3 M405 D4D45 3 C0M3C4R4M
    4 C0N57RU1R 0U7R0 C4573L0.

    C0MPR33ND1 QU3 H4V14 4PR3ND1D0 UM4 GR4ND3 L1C40;

    G4574M05 MU170 73MP0 D4 N0554 V1D4
    C0N57RU1ND0 4LGUM4 C0154 3 M415 C3D0
    0U M415 74RD3, UM4 0ND4 P0D3R4 V1R 3 D357RU1R
    7UD0 0 QU3 L3V4M05 74N70
    73MP0 P4R4 C0N57RU1R.

    M45 QU4ND0 1550 4C0N73C3R 50M3N73
    4QU3L3 QU3 73M 45 M405 D3 4LGU3M
    P4R4 53GUR4R, 53R4 C4P42 D3 50RR1R!!

    S0 0 QU3 P3RM4N3C3 3 4 4M124D3,
    0 4M0R 3 C4R1NH0. 0 R3570 3 F3170 4R314